Ghost People

by Tiny Teeth

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Cover art by Christina Vines.
Recorded and Mixed by Mike Haller at Pallet Town in Flemington, NJ.
Mastered by Christian Terjesen at Adventure Audio in Philadelphia, PA.


released August 1, 2013

Christina Vines- Guitar/Vocals
Gary- Bass
Jeff Hersch- Drums/Vocals




Tiny Teeth Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Shapes
I saw sad shapes inside your laugh

And tried to catch them

Carefully inside my hands

I saw you pooling

Pictures in your skin

To slow your nerves up

I tried to gather words up

© Cross all your fibers

Shyly pulling hairs

Weaving new instructions

To form little breaths

And watch them grow

Roots are reaching down

Into something you can almost hold

Slowly building fragile castles

Seeing mountains stand around you

We are small

And they are staring, glaring

Born to crawl

And learned to run

Legs become hot air balloons

To carry us
Track Name: Magic Tapes
Do your remember

When the floodwaters surprised

Us and after that I knew

We’d never erase their lines

From our walls

I still remember

Every time you saw those ghosts

Of all your dead male relatives

Dressing up

In my clothes

© Magic Tapes in this apartment

Magnetic frequencies

We breathe

Planning on a plan to get us out of here

Flipping over to Side B

Living, floating on our dreams

They said the world is over

I guess we all died

I’m so excited at that thought

So excited to say goodbye

If I could leave this planet

And travel through space and time

I’d give my best dresses to your relatives

So they could live

How they want to live
Track Name: Hiding Place
Invisible chemicals

Are making spirits in my brain

Hold up static picture frames

Of all the things I can’t explain

© But if everything was perfect

Then we wouldn’t have a reason to explore

Sometimes I wish no one could see me

I would float above my head and observe

Feeling nervous, feeling anxious

Feeling totally lame

As their tiny fingers point out

All the reasons why I’ll never feel the same

Hearing haunting laughter

Awkwardly in place

Hearing haunting laughter

With a smile on my face
Track Name: Hey Mom
I'm calm now
It doesn't mean that I'm bummed out
I've learned to overcome my trembling
Well enough to function here
Tucked away my cynicism
Sometimes I find it

I prefer the places
Where the novels still have paper pages
Where everything is a bit peculiar
Because everything is real
And no one's telling you how to feel
Saying, "Don't be sad"

©"Dear You-
You've got plenty of time"
That's such a lie
Oh how I wish I had cellophane eyes
So you could see the sparkles
In my mind

Hey Mom-
Am I still dreaming?
I can't believe that I'm leaving!
Shy, nervous, something else
I don't care
Sitting in your living room like children
Track Name: Adventures
Let’s go exploring

See what we can find

Make our own adventures

It doesn’t matter if that means

We’re going thrifting

Or hiking through the woods

If we took the month off

We’d leave this town for good

© This is what we’ve waited for

How could I ask for more?

Let’s keep doing this until we’re cracked and old

And promise one another we’ll stay gold

Let’s build a cabin

And grow a garden

And invite our friends over

For weekly potluck dinners

I’ll make some pizza sauce

You can make the dough

And I’ll arrange the toppings

In cute little rows

Let’s have a sing-along

Scream all our favorite songs

And forget about how our lungs hurt

From being happy

Let’s have shows in the basement

And even through the sweat

We’ll realize

That everything is perfect
Track Name: Sweaters
Wide eyes

Rolling in

The back of

My head again

On a year-long journey

To discover who we are

A smile

Crawled across your face

Drawn on with makeup

So its been erased

I hope it comes back

We’ll make it stay forever

© Just when I’d think

That things couldn’t get much better

We’d spend a day at the park

In our favorite cable-knit sweaters

Alone I

Used to get so scared because

I felt so

Completely unprepared

I’m afraid to admit that

Because it might be true

I know that

We’ve all felt this way

So let’s lock it up outside ourselves

And run as far away as we can

Tightly tethered to our dreams

© Just when I’d think

That things couldn’t get much better

We’d spend a day at the park

In our favorite cable-knit sweaters

And we will sing,


And finally see

That everything can be beautiful
Track Name: Feathers
Feathers fell out of my mouth

Nothing to hold them together

No tether to help them out

Sick of waiting

For braver wings to sprout

Choosing the wind to push them

Separately about, alone, around

© Small and silent specters sneak into my bones

Telling me to settle down and call them home

Papers tearing

The sweetest sound

Something new to make us move

Once we’re in motion

We can’t slow down

Rewrote this chapter

A better second time around


Amazed at what we’ve found here

© Small and silent specters sneak into my bones

Telling me to settle down and call them home

Whispers shake my ears I might just be afraid

Of anything that has potential to be great
Track Name: Indiana
I was singing in the sunlight

From the tallest rock that I could see

Watching all the busy bees below

When I’m up there in the trees

Just the little ants and me

I feel safer on the outside

That in this wooden structure we call home

© If we have a home

At least that’s something

We can change

Because we have something to leave

So we tiptoe quiet

Softly, violent

And we’ll scatter

Fragments of our minds

Over every empty state

So I hatch some kind of plan

Where I try to grab your hands

In a desperate but excited kind of way

And I tell you that its time

And your eyes run right through mine

And we’re on the same page

How is this our home?

I wish we weren’t born into this

But I guess it could be worse

And we might actually

Be the lucky ones
Track Name: Mystery Park
I don’t want to survive


It would be pretty nice to really feel


When we leave this place

Let’s fix up all our broken bikes

And ride into outer space

© And we’ll gaze into the backpacks

Of our ever-present souls

We’ll find something to lose

But we’ll keep something to hold

Closer to our hearts

As their mechanics putter on

Like mystical dirigibles

Floating past at dawn

I want to believe

That people aren’t so bad

That everyone is capable

Of amazing things

So we can look down on this tiny world

And feel it hurt to say goodbye

So I can honestly admit

I want to stay alive
Track Name: Witching Hour
I tried
Catching Monsters with a butterfly net
Peeling sticks to cast some spells
On everyone we met
Leaving the land of the girl who sang
About Nicolas Cage
Jumping in our little car
And making our escape

©Our hearts aren't quite as small as we sometimes pretend

What we understand
Are the floating ghosts
In our coffee cups
And how to believe that they exist
Always catching eyes of strangers
Who look just like our friends
Shape-shifting aliens
Who've figured out our plans

To all the friends near and far
And the ones we've yet to meet-
You'll always be the Mulder
To my Dana Scully